About me

My name is Rick de Kruijf and I have been working as a test professional since 2009 .  

I have held many different roles at various companies that have given me the necessary knowledge and experience to achieve excellent performance in testing.

Because of my experience as a Functional Designer I know how to draft a good functional design.

As an Information Analyst, I learned to quickly understand the problem / change area and make it manageable. In that role, I also learned to constantly ask myself the "so what?" question, so that it has become second nature.

The role of Project Leader has given me the knowledge and experience to develop and implement a good test plan. Simply creating a plan is not enough, it must also be executed and finished with a positive result.

In the role of Release Coordinator, I have learned that the particular brightness and clarity of the situation is important for confidence among all stakeholders, even if the message is hard to accept.